Me Hearties and I

Do you remember the first time you played a co-op game with a friend, and your teamwork just “clicked”? Solving the puzzles in smooth synergy with other players, who is thinking at the same wave length as you? We made it our goal to encapture this experience in our game. A co-op experience, shared with friends, centered around communication and flow.

Imagine if Mario Party and Portal 2 was one game, in which multiple players had to solve puzzles, whilst communicating in a party-game atmosphere. That is what we are capturing in Me Hearties and I with puzzles that are designed so that you will need your friends help to solve them.

The core game is build up around 4 rooms, with one player in each room. Each room has its own task which has to be continuously solved to gain points. After a while, the game switches each player to a new room where they have to pick up where the previous player left off, while receiving crucial information on how to solve the room from their teammates.

Me Heartis and I