Learning Blender

I have used Blender for a few years, but mainly for creating super simple objects for games I was making in Unity and for previewing .fbx files and whatnot. Now, I decided that it was time to learn Blender for real.

Even though I had seen what people have been creating with Blender, I was honestly surprised at the capabilities once I started digging deeper into its features. I regret not taking the dive sooner, but I think the interface and complicated (but very necessary) set of key bindings has scared me off earlier. The 2.8 update does give the interface a much needed UX overhaul, so this might also have been a factor for me to get to know Blender better.

Donut I started off by following Blender Guru’s excellent donut tutorial on YouTube. I believe this is where all aspiring Blender artists are starting off. The end result turned out quite nicely. I had some trouble getting the wooden table just right, but that is probably going to take a lot more practice.

Wishbone Chair My wife and I (well, mostly my wife) have a thing for Danish design and, in particular, chairs. I think the Wishbone Chair (CH24 by Hans Wegner) proved a nice modeling challenge because of its organic curves and smooth finish.

Wishbone Chair Modeling it took me several tries and about 2 days of work before getting it right. I am pleased with the result, although there are a few topology hiccups here and there (maybe no one will notice but me). I have mostly been focusing on the modeling part of this chair, so the lighting will probably also need an extra touch.

Escape from M.A.G.I.C. Inc. Super cool robot hand In our recent Game Jam entry, Escape from M.A.G.I.C. Inc. I took the opportunity to practice my CG skills under time pressure, so I set out to create the level and some interior objects in Blender. I actually also modeled and textured a robot hand for the first person controller, but it disappeared sometime during development and never made it to the final build. Anyway, here it is.

I also got a bit of practice with animating the donut and the fish (which are very much inspired by Ian Hubert’s lazy tutorials):

Fish Donut