Videns Port and Rejsen til Planet 9

Videns Port is a project I worked on at Khora in close collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and TV2. It is an app that works as a supplement to the physical advent calendar which where sold in stores and supermarkets all over Denmark in the months before Christmas in 2021.

The app consists of three parts: The first part is a teaser AR experience where the user can scan a poster that came bundled with the advent calendar. The poster represents the solar system (the show is space and science-themed) and when scanned with the app, the planets become 3-dimensional and interactive.

The second part is the AR part of the advent calendar. Each day of December up until Christmas Day, children can open a door in the physical calendar and scan the image behind it with the Videns Port app. The image comes to life in AR and gives a teaser on tonights episode of tonights episode of the Christmas show on television.

The third and biggest part of the app is the 360° game called Rejsen til Planet 9. The game is controlled entirely using the gyroscope of the smartphone and input is gaze-based.

The game consists of XX different levels depicting scenes from the Christmas show. The skyboxes for each level are recorded on-set from the show before it was torn down.

The following video is taken from the show “Universet Udenom” which aired daily in December 2021. I was invited in to showcase the game on the day it launched in the app.

You can download the app and try it for yourself (Only available to download in Denmark):



I was the Lead Developer on this project. My responsibilities included: